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Try a little toy joy in your intimacy – she’ll love it and love you for it too

September 16, 2012

If you’ve not tried a little toy joy in your most intimate moments you don’t know what you’re missing. These beauties are guaranteed to have the woman (or man) of your dreams and desires of the moment writhing and gasping with pure pleasure and delight.

If your love life needs a little bit of spice and maybe a little experimentation, our colossal sex toy joy collection will take you on a journey of discovery and sensual, sensory stimulation leading to a mind blowing, swirling star inducing orgasm. Not once but over and over!

A volcanic eruption of pure primal pleasure

The Toy Joy Stargazer is the ultimate in G spot stimulation; the Stargazer vibrator is a multi speed seven inch vibrator which will stay as hard as you want for as long as you want. Deep penetration is assured and once you experience the intense sensations which will take over your body resulting from a deep rooted orgasm and the aftershocks you’ll want more and more.

Start slowly and gently and as your body shifts up a notch from the slow, rhythmic movement of the Stargazer you can adjust the speed to increase the pleasure. Change direction as often or as little as you want. Whichever way you want to take your body to new heights of pleasure the Toy Joy Stargazer will stay with you all the way.



The orgasms which the Toy Joy Stargazer will induce will start with the rumbling, tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach, rising to a release like a volcanic eruption, engulfing your body in wave after wave of pure, uncontrollable primal pleasure. Once you’ve sated yourself the Stargazer will be ready and able to perform once more for as long and as often as your heart desires.



Shower time wild times are just around the corner

Completely waterproof and safe to use your wildest shower, Jacuzzi or hot tub fantasies will spring to life. Seize the moment when your body is screaming out for the long, deep seated ecstasy of a wild, wet orgasm. If you’re one of the millions of girls who love making it happen when you’re out, take the Stargazer out and about discreetly in your bag or purse; if you’re out and the moment comes when you want to cum, your fave companion is always ready to perform at short notice.

Our amazing Toy Joy Stargazer may not take the place of the man or woman in your life but it is a sex toy which can and will add many new and exciting elements to your intimacy, regardless of where, how, when and with whom you use it.

Be careful how you handle it; you have the power in your hands to make the earth move, stars to collapse and galaxies fall in on themselves. Are you ready for the ultimate in personal pleasure?

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